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A Blade Stamping Community

Blade Rating
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All Members , Moderated
Ever wonder which character from the Blade Trilogy is most like you? Well, wonder no more. Have your thirst quenched—along with your curiosity.

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First off, introductions. I’m Hannibal King and I’ll be your tour guide for the evening. Now, before we stamp you, there is a bit of business that needs attending to. There are rules that need reading, an application that needs…applying and yes, possibly full a full medical examination. But don’t worry, I’m a professional.

Have fun, enjoy your stay—and most importantly—watch your neck. I am in no way to be held accountable for lost belongings, limbs or pulses.

The Rules

1. Join the community. You won’t be able to post unless you do which sort of defeats the purpose of all of this.
2. Fill out the application with as much detail as possible. Also, be truthful with your answers and don’t put down what you think a certain character would say in order to get a certain stamp. Where the fun in that?
3. Have you hugged your lj-cut lately? No? Well, please, put them to use here. All applications should be placed behind a cut. And just to make sure you’ve read the rules, be a doll and put ”The Thirst Always Wins” as your entry subject heading.
4. In your application, don’t actually state who your favorite character is. And try to avoid using any single character Blade-verse icons when posting your applications. We want you stamped according to who you’re most like and not to be swayed by who you like best. Subliminal messages are just wrong.
5. Photos. Not really necessary, but they could help (no more than 4). Make sure the content is PG and please, no cos-play photos since that too could sway voting.

~*~The Application~*~
Copy and past into an entry. Fill out the application then submit it to the community.

::Voting & Stamping::
1. ALL members are expected to vote, yes, even after being stamped—gasp! Don’t die on us after you get your character. Share the love and keep this place going by voting for our new members.
2. Absolutely no flaming or bashing. We’re here to have fun, so let’s.
3. Please Bold your votes and try to explain why you voted the way you did.
4. You can choose to be stamped as a Hero, Villain or Both
5. Stamping will take place after a total of 3 days, or when you’ve received 10 votes, whichever comes about first.

Available Stamps


Main Cast
Abraham Whistler
Hannibal King
Abigail Whistler

Supporting Cast

General Group
Oblivious Human


Main Cast
Deacon Frost
Danica Talos

Supporting Cast
Asher Talos

General Group
Bloodpack Member
Pureblood Vampire
Half-breed Vampire

::Others/Message From The Mod::
**Above all else, please, have fun. That’s what this place is all about after all. Respect each other and remember this is all in good humor.
**Keep in mind that as your mod I’ve come up with all of this while staying in ‘King’ character, so wording might seem a bit abrasive or blunt and it is SO not to be taken personally.
**I will VOTE under my normal LJ Journal, as kingxofxheart was just created for this community. But I will STAMP—once again—in a ‘King-like’ voice and fashion. I’m not just going to just throw the banner/stamp at you and tell you to have a nice day. I want to express the reasons behind the stamp(s) you received by collecting the explanations given by voters and my own thoughts.


Community founded by kingxofxheart
Co-modding duties: astranyx


**If you'd like to become an affiliate leave a message here**

Check out stamping_comms for all your stamping needs