*hangs 'Open' sign*

Welcome to blade_rating I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun while you're here. I'm still working on getting this place put together, so the layout and what not might spaz from time to time. Also, the stamps themselves are currently in the works and I hope to have them all done before weeks end. Key word there would be hope. I'm also working on some character descriptions to help in the voting process, but hopefully, as members, you know the Blade series well enough to vote with or without them.

I'm also in the market for a co-mod or two, and I'm open to suggestions from the members concerning the available stamps. I grouped some characters together like the Bloodpack and the Familiars. Some might argue that characters Like Edgar Vance or Reinhardt merit their own stamp. And I left out some other characters like Dex and Culder due to their tiny roles. If anyone has any objections to any of those, please, argue your case and I'll consider it.

Applications can start being submitted once we have at least 5 members. So, do me proud and bring out your inner pimp.
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