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General Stuff
1.) Name:
Just call me Pietro.
2.) Age: I'm 18 as of right now.
3.) Location: I live in a crappy town called Beaumont, where the most happenin' thing is the Wal-Mart.
4.) Describe your best traits in 5 words: Hm. I'd have to say... open-minded, sarcastic, humourous, awesome, and intelligent.
5.) Describe your worst traits in 5 words: This is kinda weird. XD; Erm... emotionless, self-centered, indifferent, also sarcastic, and I have a way of making people feel shitty about themselves if I want to.
6.) Likes: I'm heavily into American comics, as well as anime and manga. My favorite titles would be Uncanny X-Men and One Piece, but I'm totally down with all the Civil War stuff Marvel's got going right now. I'm starting to collect books I'd not normally read for it. I also love cooking, it's one of my great passions, as well as role-playing and just being on the internet in general.
7.) Dislikes: Sports. Professional sports in particular. There's nothing out there more annoying or more pointless.
8.) Hobbies: My hobbies include reading, role-playing, and moderating rating communities [nakama_ratings eene_ratings gargoyle_rating]. Hooray for shameless promotion!
9.) Talents: I'm an excellent chef, like I mentioned before, and I've also got a knack for role-playing. Eh... I'm good at a great many things, and enjoy doing many things.
10.) Tattoos? If so how many? Not just yet, but I plan on getting a tattoo of this on my left shoulder blade someday.
11.) Piercings? If so how many? Just my ears. Piercings aren't really my thing.

Favorites (Any why for whichever possible)
12.) Color:
Purple, just because it's so reagal and pretty. However, the majority of my wardrobe consists of black.
13.) Food: Mmmm... I'd have to say either pasta or steak. Both are delicious. I love steak, especially raw. I actually like the taste of blood.
14.) TV Show: While I no longer watch much TV, I'd have to say Ed Edd n Eddy at the moment, just because it's the only thing I make time to watch. And because it freakin' RULES.
15.) Movie: Let's see, now... there's Fight Club, Anchorman, Interview with the Vampire, Blade, and Sin City. I could list more, but I'd rather not.
16.) Band: Mmm... A Perfect Circle, or Green Day. I'm also pretty in love with Tool, but I'm also totally into 1920's jazz, and 40's swing. My music library is very varied.
17.) Animal: Cats and pandas. Cats are beautiful to watch, and my cat is the best. Also, Pandas look really cute. Stfu, I'm a girl, I can just like cute things.
18.) Quote: "You are not a unique or beautiful snowflake. You are the same decaying compost as everything else." It's from Fight Club, and it's a good reminder. I also love "This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time."
19.) Book: Difficult to say, I love reading... I like the Harry Potter series, but I also love Fight Club and Already Dead, which I highly suggest. I'm getting into a series of Southern Vampire novels, the "Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries". I like it because it combines my love of rednecks with my love of vampires.
20.) Which of the 3 Blade films do you like best (Explain why without giving away your favorite character.): I really liked the first Blade best, just because it seemed so... I don't know. The wicked soundtrack helped a lot, I'm one of few people that pick up on music in movies. But anyway, I really enjoyed it, mostly because it had a lot of closure while still leaving doors open, as a good movie should always do.

21.) Sing for us. (Pick a song, any song.) From "All These Things that I've Done" by The Killers:
I wanna stand up, I wanna let go
You know, you know - no you don't, you don't
I wanna shine on in the hearts of men
I wanna mean it from the back of my broken hand
Another head aches, another heart breaks
I am so much older than I can take
And my affection, well it comes and goes
I need direction to perfection, no no no no
Help me out

The Real You
22.) Do you consider yourself shy or outgoing?
I'd say more shy than outgoing, just because I hate being around people I don't know.
23.) Are you generally a calm/laid back or hyperactive sort of person? I'm very calm and laid back, it takes a great deal to get me riled up.
24.) Do you always speak your mind or do you often hold your tongue so as to not cause conflict? Speaking your mind is important, but it's equally important to remember the company you're keeping.
25.) High school...cliques--they go hand in hand unfortunately. Describe the place you think you held/hold in those four…wonderful years. Any particular label (goth, prep, jock and so on.)? I was probably labled either as a drama geek or a loner. Or, just a flat-out looney. Me and my friend Diana were always yelling awkward things at each other, such as seeing which of us could say "Kevin" the longest.
26.) In your current circle of friends, what hat do you wear (leader, listener, comedian...)? The cook's hat, which I think is cute. Our group doesn't have leaders, all the players are equally important.
27.) In an ideal world, where would you like to live? San Francisco, but minimum wage and tectonic plates say otherwise.
28.) What is your dream career? Running my own restaurant/comic book store. I love cooking a great deal, but I know how shaky it would be to own my own anything. I'd like to run a comic book store because I'd be close to comics.
29.) If you could meet one person (historical figures, famous person, living, dead, legend, myth...anyone) who would it be and why? Well, I've already met the one living person I'd want to meet, three times in the same weekspan. Maddox. But, as for a dead person... I'd say Andrew Jackson. Fictional person, either Sanji, Double D, or Lestat.
30.) I grant thee three wishes. Use them wisely (Well? Go on, use them.) First of all, we wish for enough money to be set for life and for our friends to be set for life. Then, we wish for eternal youth and beauty. Lastly, we wish for some of our favorite fictional characters to become real and ready for boning. [I'm not exactly sure why I became more than one person there, but bear with me.]

Post images of yourself here if you’d like.

The greatest effing moment of my life.

Sorry for the cosplaying, but I like looking hardcore. And like Captain Kuro [the man whose tattoo I shall get].

The bird, just for you!

I'm almost positive this was Johnny Depp, as it sounded just like him, was his height, and effing looked JUST LIKE HIM. Anyway. Excuse my fangirling and Sanji cosplay.

Finally, do you want to be stamped a Hero, Villain or Both? Heroes are so cliched. But so are villains. Stamp me as whatever you think I am.
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