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The thirst always wins

General Stuff
1.) Name: Jessica
2.) Age: Twenty
3.) Location: Colorado
4.) Describe your best traits in 5 words: down to earth (there's three. XD), trusting, loyal
5.) Describe your worst traits in 5 words: procrastinator, lazy, selfless, vulgar, vengeful
6.) Likes: dancing, music, art, eating, roleplay, boots, lip gloss, glitter, etc. etc.
7.) Dislikes: onions, hypocrisy, liars, backstabbers, stinky feet, fake people.
8.) Hobbies: dancing, nerding out on my computer, playing with photoshop, roleplaying, djing.
9.) Talents: fast learner.
10.) Tattoos? If so how many? negative
11.) Piercings? If so how many? yes, total of nine.

Favorites (Any why for whichever possible)
12.) Color: pink
13.) Food: sushi
14.) TV Show: i don't watch much tv
15.) Movie: ichi the killer. It's a Japanese film. I really like how twisted it is.
16.) Band: Dir en grey. They're the best. Also from Japan and are slowly taking over the US. XD The music/melodies are so technical and on point. <3
17.) Animal: Duck
18.) Quote: "As long as you are alive, you’d realize that inspirations come from so many different things in life." - Dir en grey I found it in one of their interviews.
19.) Book: Blood and gold.
20.) Which of the 3 Blade films do you like best (Explain why without giving away your favorite character.): I can't really say. Possibly the second one, but I can't really pinpoint why. *brain fart*

21.) Sing for us. (Pick a song, any song.) Kawabe Chieco - Pink! Pink! Pink!

The Real You
22.) Do you consider yourself shy or outgoing? outgoing
23.) Are you generally a calm/laid back or hyperactive sort of person? laid back but I can be hyper at times.
24.) Do you always speak your mind or do you often hold your tongue so as to not cause conflict? Speak my mind
25.) High school...cliques--they go hand in hand unfortunately. Describe the place you think you held/hold in those four…wonderful years. Any particular label (goth, prep, jock and so on.)? I can't really label myself. My group of friends consisted of all kinds of kids. Jocks, goths, hoochies, nerds..and me.. The odd ball. I was the only one out of everyone that went to raves.
26.) In your current circle of friends, what hat do you wear (leader, listener, comedian...)? Probably comedian
27.) In an ideal world, where would you like to live? Tokyo, Japan
28.) What is your dream career? A midget stripper......j/k Probably something famous like a rockstar, or working for a cool gaming company like squarenix.
29.) If you could meet one person (historical figures, famous person, living, dead, legend, myth...anyone) who would it be and why? I'm not sure.. *shrug*
30.) I grant thee three wishes. Use them wisely (Well? Go on, use them.) To be able to live forever (young), for a lifetime supply of money and I don't have a third wish. X__X

Post images of yourself here if you’d like.


Finally, do you want to be stamped a Hero, Villain or Both?
- Both?
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