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The Thirst Always Wins

General Stuff
1.) Name: Dina
2.) Age: 19
3.) Location: The Faroe Islands
4.) Describe your best traits in 5 words: intelligent, open-minded, logical, deep, witty
5.) Describe your worst traits in 5 words: melancholy, stubborn, proud, procastinatory, detached
6.) Likes: Books, movies, jewelry, humour (esp. British) etc., history, thinking, drawing, kicking back, clothes
7.) Dislikes: Bigotry, narrow-mindedness, stupidity, fanaticism, people imposing their (bigoted) views on others, hypocrisy
8.) Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, being a geek, the internet, lazing about
9.) Talents: Photographic memory (in some cases), drawing, writing, logical stuff, making people laugh, appearing stoic when I'm not
10.) Tattoos? If so how many? None.
11.) Piercings? If so how many? Two,  one in each ear lobe

Favorites (Any why for whichever possible)
12.) Color: Blue
13.) Food: I don’t know... chicken?
14.) TV Show: Black Books
15.) Movie: Underworld (I actually don’t have a firm favourite, but right now that’s probably it)
16.) Band: The Beatles
17.) Animal: Cat
18.) Quote: Again so many, but here’s one of them:


why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? [Matthew 7:3]


19.) Book: Harry Potter
20.) Which of the 3 Blade films do you like best (Explain why without giving away your favorite character.): Blade II, because it paints a less black/white picture of the whole thing.

21.) Sing for us. (Pick a song, any song.)

Trying to be misunderstood,
But it doesn’t do me any good,
Love the way they smiled at me
Held that face for eternity
Now let them all fly off,
When it comes down,
It all comes down,
And you will not be found,
When it’s over,
It’s all over,
Even if I make a sound

I’ll be misunderstood,
By the beautiful and good in this city,
None of it was planned,
Take me by the hand,
Just don’t try and understand


- From Misunderstood, by Robbie Williams

 The Real You
22.) Do you consider yourself shy or outgoing? Introverted
23.) Are you generally a calm/laid back or hyperactive sort of person? Calm and laid back
24.) Do you always speak your mind or do you often hold your tongue so as to not cause conflict? Depends on the situation
25.) High school...cliques--they go hand in hand unfortunately. Describe the place you think you held/hold in those four…wonderful years. Any particular label (goth, prep, jock and so on.)? I was a bit of a loner, I guess
26.) In your current circle of friends, what hat do you wear (leader, listener, comedian...)? A cross between comedian and listener
27.) In an ideal world, where would you like to live? London. The mix of old and new is very appealing to me
28.) What is your dream career? I’m torn somewhere between historian, political advisor and writer
29.) If you could meet one person (historical figures, famous person, living, dead, legend, myth...anyone) who would it be and why? Queen Elizabeth I. She was brilliant, alone in a man’s world

30.) I grant thee three wishes. Use them wisely (Well? Go on, use them.) I wish for equal rights for everyone, that war will end, and to have my ambitions fulfilled

Finally, do you want to be stamped a Hero, Villain or Both? Both, please
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